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“Bernstein's hard-boiled yet juicy chronicle of publisher Robert Harrison’s 1950s celebrity gossip magazine Confidential is an apt, unflinching take on the wildly popular tabloid that stood by its slogan, ‘Tells the Facts and Names the Names.’ This smart exposé should please anyone interested in 1950s Hollywood or the evolution of celebrity journalism.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Slip into the compulsively lurid and exhaustively researched pages of Mr. Confidential which tells the tale of publisher Robert Harrison and his magazine, Confidential. That forerunner of celebrity dirt quite literally changed the face of entertainment journalism. It reads like a house afire in a sultry swamp. Nobody did ‘down and dirty’ like Mr. Harrison and today’s beleaguered stars, politicians and others owe him a sock in the jaw. An illuminating, fun read!”
—Liz Smith

“Bernstein spills the beans on Confidential and its delicious dishing and scandal-mongering, in language reminiscent of Confidential's house style, seasoned with fabulous puns and alliteration. Get a load of it.”
—Mike Tribby, Booklist