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Skinheads, gangbangers, terrorists... Start with one person whose life was once defined by violence. Add another person almost destroyed by that same violence. Then watch as they come together to break that cycle of violence one individual at a time... READ MORE or you can WATCH THE SIZZLE.

This unflinching yet sensitive indie film about family violence and incest caused a stir, and was actually even banned in England until certain cuts were made. Though press materials for the film said otherwise, Samuel Bernstein was referred to in newspaper articles as an “incest survivor,” which he somehow found inexplicably funny... READ MORE or you can WATCH THE FILM.

Ronald Shore was the talk of the town when he created cakes for the Hollywood weddings of the rich and famous — as well as for some of their subsequent divorces and re-marriages! Now he shows at-home bakers all of his secrets in this how-to video... READ MORE or you can WATCH THE VIDEO.

Brian Quebbemann is a gifted bariatric surgeon. In this unscripted series, he helps transform his patents lives, even as his own life is a series of family, business, and romantic complications... READ MORE or you can WATCH THE SIZZLE.

Liz Smith says: "SEX, SCANDAL and sensationalism. The "inventor" of Confidential Magazine in the Fab '50s was handsome and charming beyond belief -- catnip to the ladies, and men wanted to be just like him.... READ MORE or you can BUY THE BOOK.



Before TMZ and Gawker, there was Bob Harrison’s Confidential Magazine. Its cheeky mash-up of scandal and showbiz fizz broke national sales records. Yet scrape away the hype, whipped cream, and dirt, and you have a mostly true story about heart, innocence, and family loyalty, set to a sexy, swinging, Big Broadway beat.... READ MORE or you can WATCH THE SHOW REEL.

Co-produced with Hearst Entertainment. A six year-old Jewish boy is living in Cairo. His mother has seemingly disappeared; his Jewish father may or may not be selling arms to the Palestinians; Thalidamide babies beg in the streets; and he has his first sexual experience with a 36 year-old Muslilm man... READ MORE or you can WATCH ALL 10 WEBISODES.

Bobbies GirlCo-produced with Paramount Pictures and Showtime. Emmy-nominated Bernadette Peters, Rachel Ward, Jonathan Silverman, and Thomas Sangster star in this funny, surprising, and sometimes off-center exploration of what it feels like to find love, and what one extraordinary family is capable of becoming when that love is threatened... READ MORE or you can WATCH THE FILM.

Comedian. Father. Husband. Crack addict. Mentor. In this unscripted series sizzle, meet Sarge, the guy who makes recovery a riot. And it isn't about watching anyone shoot smack in the bathroom... READ MORE or you can WATCH THE SIZZLE.

She was the laughing girl with the black helmet of hair and the sexy bangs… Film star Louise Brooks is in 1928 Berlin playing the role of her life. Actress and character become joyfully, hopelessly confused... READ MORE or you can BUY THE BOOK.